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Three Easy Steps and Viola!

ScholarLMS is a Learning Management System designed to simplify your digital classroom and take away the pain of managing one!
We focus on technology. So you can focus on learning!

1. Signup

2. Upload courses

3. Launch

Prepared to be Knocked Off Your Feet!

The Big Daddy of all eLearning Systems is Here.

 You heard us! Scholar LMS is nothing like you’ve ever seen before! An eLearning platform with over 100 features, new layouts, easier navigation and more customization options that you could imagine! Remember the first time you saw that person and you were swept off your feet? Yeah well that is about happen to you all over again!!

Cloud Number 9!

SLMS is fully cloud based! Liberate yourself and take the platform wherever you go, whatever device you use. SLMS is always there for you. Learn More

FREE! To Use!

SLMS will ALWAYS be FREE for Non-Profit and Startup Businesses. Allow us to help you build your first digital school for FREE!. No credit card required. Highly affordable when you grow big and strong! Check plans

Easy As Pie!

Remember when we said using SLMS was easy as pie? We were NOT kidding! Take a tour and find out how SLMS can simplify your digital classroom.Take a Tour

Saves Over 70% Time

If you value your time, you HAVE to try SLMS. Comparative usage shows that SLMS will save you over 70% time as compared to a traditional eLearning system.

Responsive Design

Elastic Girl! Rings a bell? SLMS fits any shape and size – a laptop, a screen, a tab, a phone! Its fully responsive design adapts to the device it is being used on!Learn More

Upload Unlimited Courses

And you thought only German Autobahns were the only ones with no limits? Think again! SLMS lets you upload unlimited courses with zero limits! Have a lot to share with the world? Go crazy!Learn More

Feeling Chatty?

What’s the fun in a classroom if you can’t chat a little bit! SLMS features forums and chat rooms so that you can communicate, share and sometimes just generally chat up with fellow learners.Learn More

Custom Grading Scales

No two courses can be graded the same way and we understand that well. SLMS offers you complete flexibility in creating your own customized grading scales for your courses.Learn More

Simple, Informative Reports

Did you know that 99% of the statistics are made on the spot? Yeah right! However – SLMS lets you generate reports that make sense to you – simple, informative, useful datat that helps you stay on top of your game!Learn More

Fewer Headaches

Unlike traditional learning management systems, SLMS simplifies your digital classroom including automated updates, maintenance, backups and improvements so that your headaches are your students, not the system!

Collaborative Learning

SLMS is not just for a student-teacher broadcast environment. Whether you are a rock-band, a research team or social-action group, SLMS can help you collaborate, learn together and achieve as a team.

One Stop Shop

Over one hundred USABLE features that actually make your business/school simpler, more efficient. Advance backend technologies such as xAPI and SCORM make SLMS the last learning management system you will ever need.

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