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ScholarLMS is packed with features you will need now
and in the future. Explore how it can help grow your business.

Brand your LMS the way you want to

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Change logo, colors and fonts

The platform gives you tools to place your own logo, your branding colors, and even your preferred fonts.

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Have your own domain

‘Custom Domain’ is a ScholarLMS feature that allows your LMS to be accessible via a domain name that you own.

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Modular structure

Not only do we support header and footer customization but you can also customize the overall structure of your LMS.

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Quick admin dashboard

ScholarLMS dashboard gives you an easy way to explore your LMS. This is the first screen you see once you log into your Scholar LMS account. From the dashboard, you can access all the important blocks, which are: courses, users, reports, appearance, tools and documentation.

Comprehensive course management tools

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Keep your courses managed

You can categorize your courses, show or hide them, and change course specific settings.

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Several assessment tools

Several assessment tools for your learners: Quizzes, Multiple choices, Surveys, Assignments, SCORM, and Lessons.

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User logging and tracking

Full activity reports for each student are available with graphs and details about each module/lesson.

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Gamify courses

Gamify your courses based on activity completion, dates, grades, user profile, and/or score ranges of other activities.

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Award certificates once a user fulfills certain requirements such as getting minimum grades in an assignment.

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Completion tracking

Allows resources and activities to be marked completed manually or when certain conditions have been met.

Multiple options to enroll users

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Automatically enroll users

Automatically enroll users to the course they purchased upon successful processing of the payment.

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Self enrollment

Allows users to enroll themselves to a course, either directly or via an enrollment key (“course password”).

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Option to manually enroll users

You can manually enroll students on your own one by one or bulk enroll students using a CSV file.


Rich and full-featured online classrooms


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Whiteboard and desktop sharing

The whiteboard controls let you annotate key parts of your presentation. You can also broadcast your desktop for all users to see.

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Webcam sharing

Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.

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You can upload any PDF presentation or MS office document. ScholarLMS Online Classrooms keeps everyone in sync with your current slide, zoom, pan, annotations, and mouse pointer.

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A side-by-side real-time chat section with the ability to chat with everyone and with other students one-on-one.

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Record and playback

You can record classroom sessions and use them in future as course material for any course of your choice.

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Mute/unmute and raise hands

Ability to control the students by muting them all at once, selectively un-muting them, responding to raised hands and even making a student leave the classroom.

Easily perform user actions — individually or in bulk

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Upload users

Upload bulk users, enroll users in multiple courses, specify default values in their profile.

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Define user roles and permissions

Define role for visitors (who are not logged in), role for guests, default role for all users. Option to hide user fields.

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User bulk actions

Perform bulk user actions like confirm user accounts, send a message, Delete user accounts, Download user data or force users to change their passwords.


Generate reports and logs