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16 05, 2022

Gamifying Corporate Training – Five Common Pitfalls to Watch Out For

2022-06-29T09:31:55+07:00May 16th, 2022|Employee Training, Training|

Gamifying corporate training, either partially or fully, tends to make the often mundane routine a tad more interesting and engaging. The effectiveness of such gamified training programs largely depends on how suitably designers adapt gaming techniques to fulfill the training needs. Several aspects require careful consideration when using gamification in corporate training initiatives. Here are few key pitfalls to steer [...]

24 03, 2022

The Role of Learning Management Systems in Organizing Online Examinations

2022-06-14T20:07:15+07:00March 24th, 2022|Educational|

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced academic institutions to come up with sound learning continuity measures to address possible disruptions in future. Remote classes and online examinations are an integral part of these measures. Several schools and colleges in some countries, however, have decided to skip the annual examinations and allowed students to move on to the next grade for [...]

28 02, 2022

Enhancing Employee Productivity via Scenario-Based Learning

2022-06-28T20:49:36+07:00February 28th, 2022|Educational, Employee Training|

Scenario-based learning is a tried and tested learning approach based on realistic situations or scenarios that learners may already be familiar with. The process is somewhat similar to what happens in real life, but the scenarios or situations are specifically designed to foster participants’ thoughts, behaviors, and responses. Be it via simulated or real-life events, there’s no denying that lessons [...]

14 08, 2021

Remote Learning for Academic Continuity: Training Educators

2022-06-14T20:05:51+07:00August 14th, 2021|Educational, eLearning, Training|

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted academic continuity for the majority of the year 2020. Despite tools and technology being available to support remote learning, a multitude of educational institutions are yet to adopt them. Most of them lack the necessary contingency plans to deal with large-scale, long-drawn disruptions. Institutions of learning have been closed for over six months or [...]

1 06, 2021

Personalizing Feedback in Remote Education: Why and How?

2022-06-13T22:16:14+07:00June 1st, 2021|eLearning, Training|

Constructive personalized feedback is one of the key factors that heavily influence the learning experience. The ability to delicately balance positive and negative feedback is an art that instructors must master to bring out the best in each learner. They must express their opinions strongly, yet in the right tone that encourages a positive response from the recipient. The Importance [...]

20 11, 2020

Training a Remote Workforce via eLearning: Challenges and Options

2022-06-14T20:08:46+07:00November 20th, 2020|eLearning|

Managing training needs of remote workers is a responsibility that employers have tried to address to a fair extent. As the number of on-site and out-of-office roles has been somewhat limited when compared to in-house employees, companies usually handled their training on a need based system. Most often remote employees refer to training or reference material that is hosted on [...]

25 10, 2020

Blended Learning: A Optimal Mix of Self-Learning and Instructor-Led-Training

2020-11-20T21:38:44+07:00October 25th, 2020|Blended learning, eLearning|

Blended learning refers to a mix of different educational approaches that facilitate learning both inside and outside the classroom. A typical virtual learning environment fosters self-learning. It makes it possible for aspirants to enhance their knowledge or skillset, preferably outside the work or school hours and on their own. Conventional education, on the other hand, relies heavily on instructor-led-training (ILT) [...]

10 10, 2020

Getting Learners to Collaborate in a Virtual Learning Environment

2020-11-19T23:23:22+07:00October 10th, 2020|eLearning|

Traditional learning environments serve as natural hubs of social or collaborative learning. Even if there are no explicit group activities planned as part of the academic curriculum, being physically present at a given place and time to attend regular classes offers ample scope for students to learn and grow together. Collaborative learning in virtual or online learning environments, on the [...]

24 09, 2020

The Importance of Engaging Content in eLearning

2020-09-29T21:41:10+07:00September 24th, 2020|eLearning|

Digital learning is fast becoming an integral part of the educational process. It is no longer a nice-to-have facility but rather a necessity in the post-COVID-19 world.  With an increasing number of educational institutions, both public and private transitioning to eLearning to ensure learning continuity, the quality of digital learning content, its delivery, and effectiveness assumes top priority. To develop and [...]

17 09, 2020

How Gamification Can Transform The eLearning Experience

2020-09-28T20:27:09+07:00September 17th, 2020|eLearning|

Gamification of education is all about making the learning experience more interesting, exciting, and sticky by applying the very same theories and techniques that make games fun and addictive.  This approach to learning assumes greater significance in remote or virtual educational programs that are for the major part based on self-learning. Unsupervised digital learning requires full involvement and committed effort [...]