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Scholar LMS is the most user-friendly LMS I have found to be affordable!

I needed an LMS to provide online training to adults that may or may not have much experience navigating online training that college students use today. I found a few dozen products to review and then tried out a few of them in detail. I found that Scholar LMS was the easiest for participants/students to navigate, offered a catalog page, and provided initial support to develop something I could demonstrate with management prior to purchasing a subscription.

Jennifer Williams, Senior Program Manager at Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

scholarlms quote

The technical support from Scholar LMS is amazing, prompt, and always helpful.

Scholar LMS tailored the product to meet our company's needs. It does everything we want and nothing we don't need. It's a great value with fantastic support. We like that it's branded and a seamless transition from our website. It's also customizable and scalable allowing the software to grow and change as our business does.

Caitlin Stewart, Secretary at BWS Education Consulting


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scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Modern, easy to use interface

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Personalised Dashboard

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Custom domain

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Collaborative/Social learning

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Dynamic course management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2SCROM compliant

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2TinCan/xAPI compliant


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Multiple choice questions


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Learner's video analytics

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Full control on user enrolments

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Custom roles & capabilities

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Assign specific roles

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Detailed informative reports

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Full user logging & tracking

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Generate user activity reports

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Chat room

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Issue own certifications

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2All in one calendar


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Convenient file management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons214+ different activities

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Notifications & progress tracking

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Multilingual support

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2User feedback

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Direct learning paths

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Integrated badges

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Simple & intuitive text editor

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Security & privacy

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Product categories

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Pre-installed payment gateways

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2User management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Discounts, coupons & specials




scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Marketing campaigns

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Back-up & restore

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Product ratings

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Sales report

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Event notification system

Common Questions

Q. Do I need to enter my credit card details to try any PRO plan?

Yes! We ask for Credit Card details for signing up to a PRO plan. But don't worry your credit card will be charged only once the trial period is over. An added benefit to start with one of the 30 Days trial plan over Startup plan is that you will get 'Starter Pack' for free. As a part of the Starter Pack, our team will do all the basic account setup to get you started.

Q. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that ScholarLMS doesn’t fit your requirements, simply cancel your subscription from your account.

Q. What do you mean by "Managed LMS"?

A managed LMS means that, ScholarLMS eLearning engineers will also act as your LMS administrators wherein we will manage and complete any tasks (such as system maintenance, backups, technical changes to courses, catalogue and structures etc) that you as a manager are supposed to perform regularly in order for the LMS to run as desired. Of course, the course content must still come from you. The tasks include but are not limited to: adding courses, creating quizzes, adding/managing users, changing LMS settings etc.

Q. Will you charge me today?

No! Signing up with a PRO plan won't charge you today. All PRO plans gives you 30 day free trial and you will be charged only at the end of your trial period. But you do not have to worry, as a reminder, we'll email you 3 days before due date.

Q. Do you have bigger plans?

Getting started with a PRO plan gives you unlimited active learners so that you can test run ScholarLMS with its highest capacity. Once the trial period is over, you can choose a PRO plan which suits your needs.

Q. What do you mean by active learners?

For a particular month, an active learner is the learner who logged in to your account at least once. We count these learners as active
learners. If they are not active, your account will not be billed for these users.