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ScholarLMS helps organizations, institutes, corporates and non-profits achieve their eLearning objectives effectively, efficiently and in an affordable manner.

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Why choose ScholarLMS

Designed to be ready for your growth - packed with features you will need now and in the future!


Enjoy over hundred CORE
LMS features

The system contains over one hundred actually USABLE CORE LMS (Learning Management System) features that make your business simpler, more efficient.


No-Compromise Affordability

ScholarLMS uses the power of OpenSource to bring to you market leading features such as Live Online Classroom, Managed LMS and integrated eCommerce at an unmatched affordability. No matter what your eLearning budget is, ScholarLMS has a plan for you. Every plan comes with a 30-Day Free-Trial. Forget refunds – if you don't like it, you don't pay at all!

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Extensive eCommerce system

We understand that creating courses and selling them are two different ball games altogether and so with ScholarLMS' eCommerce features, you have all the required tools to promote and sell your courses easily.

scholarlms-online classrooms-blue-line icon-circle

Online classroom capability

Web conferencing system designed for on-line learning. With this feature, one or more educators can take online live classes with their learners.

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Rockstar customer support

We understand that no matter how efficient a system may be, you will need some assistance. That is why our robust customer support team is always ready to support your online school. Relax, we've got your back!

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What is OpenSource and Why Should You Bother?

OpenSource is one of the most powerful ways in which technology is developing today. OpenSource means everyone helps create a piece of technology and – by the same logic – everyone owns it! The sharpest minds in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are collaborating online from all corners of the world creating beautiful systems, machines and software that we can all use and help improve at the same time. The core of ScholarLMS is open source which allow us to bring to you such great quality of service at these prices.

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Here are the outstanding features of ScholarLMS explained in detail!

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system - Custom domain

Your LMS, Your Domain

ScholarLMS allows you to use your own domain for your online school. And setting up your own domain with Scholar LMS is very easy, too.

Your students are familiar with your style, your logo and your website link. Your own domain helps you provide a warm, personal experience to your students!

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system - unlimited_course

Upload Unlimited Courses

Have a lot to share with the world? ScholarLMS allows you to upload unlimited rich multimedia courses according to your curriculum.

No matter what pricing plan you are on - course uploads are always unlimited!

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system - tin-can-and-ex-api

xAPI/Tincan Compatibility

Send user activity (xAPI Statements) to Learning Record source (LRS). A user can either launch Tin Can content using an external URL or upload the content to the LMS and then access it from there.

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system Chat feature

Chat room... for any course at any time!

A classroom that chats together, stays together! Learning is a lot faster and much more fun when the students and teachers get to interact with one another in an informal setting.

That is why ScholarLMS lets you create instant chat rooms for any of your courses so that you and your students can interact and discuss freely! Feeling chatty already?

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system oncloud

On cloud Learning management system

ScholarLMS is a cloud based learning management system. Since it is stored on the cloud, you do not have to worry about storage, backup and your geographic location.

This means that you can work out of your office, your home, the neighborhood coffee shop and even the airport! Take your online school with you wherever you go!

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system save time

Saves over 20% time

ScholarLMS gives you the right tools to streamline, optimize, automate and control your digital classroom.

Timely reports that make sense, automated backup and updates, customization options to quickly access the features you use the most and easy payment and collection options save you over 70% of time as compared to a traditional LMS.

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system custom reports

Simple, Informative Reports

Most reports generated by online systems are so complicated that it takes an expert to make sense of them. Not so with ScholarLMS.

Our system generates simplified reports that are easy to interpret, and information displayed in a way it can be deduced to quick action-points.

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system easy

Easy as Pie!

ScholarLMS bridges the gap between usefulness and usability!

Out of the hundreds of options available to the user, the most used ones are the easiest to find and the ones used less often can be found in the 'advanced' section. Getting started with an LMS was never this easy!

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system Collaborative_learning

Collaborative Learning

ScholarLMS is not just for a student-teacher broadcast environment. Whether you are a rock-band, a research team or a social-action group, ScholarLMS can help you collaborate, learn together and achieve as a team.

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system custom grades

Custom Grading Scales

No two courses can be graded the same way and we understand that well. ScholarLMS offers you complete flexibility in creating your own customized grading scales for your courses.
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Explore some core LMS features to make your day!

  • Modern, easy to use interface
  • Personalised Dashboard
  • Dynamic course management
  • Robust user management
  • Full control on user enrolments
  • Define specific user roles
  • Full user logging and tracking
  • Generate user activity reports
  • Assignment module
  • Chat with other students
  • Different types of forums
  • Glossary module
  • Lesson module
  • Journal Module
  • Label Module
  • Multiple Choice Module
  • Quiz module
  • Resource module
  • Survey module
  • Wiki module
  • Workshop module
  • Forum Module
  • Assign Specific Roles
  • Simple, Informative Reports
  • Custom Grading Scales
  • Customizable interface
  • All-in-one calendar
  • Collaborative tools and activities
  • Select interface language
  • Extensive support
  • Supports over 14 kind of activities
  • Convenient file management
  • Simple and intuitive text editor

What some of our
customers are saying about us…

ScholarLMS - LMS learning management system testimonials

The product is very user friendly. But important is the excellent customer service. ScholarLMS is very accommodating to my training even though I'm several time zones away. I am looking forward to making this my primary educational portal and look for to working with the team even more closely.
Karen Booker, Managing Partner at The BeBe Group
My experience in working with the Scholar LMS team has been nothing short of fantastic! They are competent , knowledgable, professional and nimble. My impressions of the Scholar LMS application has been wonderful this is truly a great end to end product for our clients and I am proud of it's user friend functionality and technical features without complicating the end-user experience. Looking forward to working long term with Scholar LMS.
Carnellia Ajasin, CEO, Founder at Mind Katalyst
Before I choose to start my financial market online school early this year (2014), I tried more than 10 LMS. I signed up with them and tried their various features. What made me not to continue with anyone of them and choose Scholar LMS instead was because of the following reasons. Scholar LMS has;
1). User friendly platform
2). Excellent customer service
3). Affordable and affordable fee structure - pay whilst you earn approach and no cost charged for less than 25 students enrolled
4). Multi features to enhance my school - free of charge

I look forward to grow my school with Scholar LMS.

Isaac Jipsy, Managing Director at Pacific Traders Institute Inc

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