Your Complete Learning Management System

Affordable, scalable & user-friendly eLearning. Meet ScholarLMS.

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Your Complete Learning Management System

Affordable, scalable & user-friendly eLearning. Meet ScholarLMS.

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Capterra Most Affordable LMS ScholarLMS

ScholarLMS Powers +500 Organizations Across the Globe

Capterra Most Affordable LMS ScholarLMS

ScholarLMS Powers +200 Organizations Across the Globe

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Why choose ScholarLMS

Enjoy over 100 core LMS features to accomplish exactly what you need – when you need.



Built using OpenSource technology, ScholarLMS passes on the savings by using a Moodle, OpenCart and BigBlueButton backbone for our learning management, eCommerce and online classroom elements. What’s under the hood is best-in-class in term of features, security, and flexibility while fully customizable without the cost. No matter what your eLearning budget is, ScholarLMS has a plan for you. Free for Startups and Non-profits. All other plans come with a 30-Day Free-trial.



Get started without delay. Perhaps you’re a start-up that needs to bootstrap a free solution or an individual coach ready to inspire clients, our Start-up Size LMS may be right for you. For larger organizations like educational institutions or corporations, our Small and Medium Size are fully managed and scalable with all the bells and whistles included.


Cheerful, Proactive Support

While ScholarLMS is utterly easy-to-use and user-friendly, our eLearning Consultants are at your disposal and with no additional cost. We can fully manage your LMS as an administrator or support your own in-house execution. We’re happy to help in whatever capacity you need to ensure that you can focus on results.


Interactive Learning

Whether in another city, state or country, the ScholarLMS online classroom environment is stacked with a full suite of features to foster a truly collaborative learning experience. Seamlessly record classes, present in an online classroom, and share course materials for truly boundary-less learning.


Successful Selling

Creating and selling courses are two different ball games. The eCommerce capabilities of ScholarLMS empower you to promote and sell your awesome content easily and efficiently. Take the stress out of selling with a secure sales engine.


One Solution — Today & Tomorrow

With over 100 core LMS features available to all users right out of the box, ScholarLMS offers unparalleled scaling and customization capabilities for all. This way, when your startup grows into a Fortune 500 titan, there is no gap to fill or technology to trade. You can rest easy with a fully managed LMS and eLearning support team at your service.

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Scholar LMS is the most user-friendly LMS I have found to be affordable!

I needed an LMS to provide online training to adults that may or may not have much experience navigating online training that college students use today. I found a few dozen products to review and then tried out a few of them in detail. I found that Scholar LMS was the easiest for participants/students to navigate, offered a catalog page, and provided initial support to develop something I could demonstrate with management prior to purchasing a subscription.

Jennifer Williams, Senior Program Manager at Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

The technical support from Scholar LMS is amazing, prompt, and always helpful.

Scholar LMS tailored the product to meet our company's needs. It does everything we want and nothing we don't need. It's a great value with fantastic support. We like that it's branded and a seamless transition from our website. It's also customizable and scalable allowing the software to grow and change as our business does.

Caitlin Stewart, Secretary at BWS Education Consulting


Explore some core features of ScholarLMS.
We have covered you for pretty much every situation.

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Modern, easy to use interface

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Personalised Dashboard

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Custom domain

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Collaborative/Social learning

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Dynamic course management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2SCROM compliant

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2TinCan/xAPI compliant


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Multiple choice questions


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Learner’s video analytics

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Full control on user enrolments

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Custom roles & capabilities

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Assign specific roles

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Detailed informative reports

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Full user logging & tracking

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Generate user activity reports

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Chat room

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Issue own certifications

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2All in one calendar


scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Convenient file management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons214+ different activities

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Notifications & progress tracking

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Multilingual support

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2User feedback

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Direct learning paths

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Integrated badges

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Simple & intuitive text editor

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Security & privacy

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Product categories

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Pre-installed payment gateways

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2User management

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Discounts, coupons & specials




scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Marketing campaigns

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Back-up & restore

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Product ratings

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Sales report

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Event notification system

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Desktop sharing

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Webcam sharing

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Record and playback

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Enable Presentation Download

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Support for (up to) 8 breakout rooms

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Promote Viewer to Moderator

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Multi-user Whiteboard

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2WebRTC audio & Screen Sharing

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2HTML5 client supported

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Limit moderator actions in breakout rooms

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Raise hand

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Webcams only visible to moderators

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Gather User Feedback

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Download Public Chat Messages

scholarlms-home-icon-check-ionicons2Full Screen Mode

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