Custom Developments

At ScholarLMS, we keep our system updated with the latest bug fixes and security updates. Apart from what we offer as standard features (out of the box) found at all features we also take special requests for custom development.

If there is any feature(s) not present in ScholarLMS or some custom changes or additions you want in the platform, the following will be the process:

  • You will submit your request explaining what addition or change you need in the platform and the reason for requesting it.
  • Our technical team will analyze your request and let you know if we are in a position to implement your custom request in the platform or not. If we do, we will inform you if the said change/addition will be free of cost to you or if we will charge for it. For the later case, we will give you an estimate of the number of hours required for the implementation, and approximate date of completion. Our hourly rate for such development task is $50/hr.
  • The process we may fine tune the task by back and forth communication. Depending on the scope we may increase or decrease the cost of development and the delivery dates can be changed.
  • Once we come to an agreement and the one time fixed price fees is paid for the development, work shall commence.

Important notes:

  1. We accept custom development request only from a Paid plan (Pro plan).
  2. The copyright of all the custom work will be held with ScholarLMS.
  3. The acceptance chances of custom development request increases if you are on Jumbo plan (1,000 active learners) or above.

Few custom development examples could be:

  1. Custom reports
  2. Custom Learning paths
  3. Custom Themes
  4. Custom Plugins
  5. Custom integration with some other external system
  6. Course creation (content provided by you)

Contact us

Please contact us by filling out the form below with your custom development requests.