If your side gig has become your full-time gig, or if your passion project has taken off as a profit engine, then welcome to the world of startups. While having to be nimble and fast-paced is par for the course with entrepreneurial or lean organizations, your team will experience growing pains across the board. Managing the process of hiring, training, and supporting your talent can be headcount heavy, but it doesn’t have to be.

No One Has Time
If you consider the meteoric speed some companies can grow in short amounts of time, it can be incredibly hard to manage the change from Employee #5 to Employee #50 to Employee #120. Each stage of growth has its unique challenges, of course, but the core of every problem is the speed and efficiency of handing off information. As startups scale, senior staff usually get overloaded with managerial duties and it can often feel like no one has time.

Trackable Tech
Leveraging a learning management system sets up your staff with access to content and materials without needing a manager or babysitter. So, whether it’s for training, sales, or marketing, your system can be totally self-serve. And best of all, it doesn’t require you to physically oversee or monitor them. Instead, you can set rules and permission levels for your LMS, controlling what can be accessed and tracking usage.

Around the World
As startups grow, they may also need to spread into offices across the country or overseas. Passing materials across distances and time zones has never been easier or more efficient than with a cloud-based LMS. Management can set the release of content and make it instantly accessible to employees, regardless of where in the world they log in. Setting up interactive meetings and virtual boardrooms is also fast, secure, and effective.

Consider companies that expand in size and geography, and quickly! Or companies with reps on the road to meet with customers and prospects. The need to communicate and grow smoothly has never been more important than the “glocal” era (global-local).

Imagine  Facebook circa 2005 with 15 employees to today with +17,000 all around the world? All those employees had to get up to speed pretty quickly to succeed – and so should your team.

A centralized LMS ensures that your team is anchored to the same core – no matter where in the world they may physically be. If you’re part of a startup and starting to anticipate the growing pains, get started with our Startup plan (hint: it’s free).