More and more activity domains take advantage of the multiple benefits offered by learning using electronic tools and environments. They all realized that the improvements brought by this methods in the style of learning are worth taking into consideration. Regardless of the purpose for what it is being used, e-Learning brings considerable increases in the quality of studying. Just take Medical schools for example, having the possibility of showing students a more graphical anatomy will surely lead to a better understanding of how the human body works, or in corporate training, by using animated graphic and performance tables will show in a more practical way the direction wanted for improvement and development. And the example may continue, as the exploited resources are countless no matter where you chose to add electronic learning. This is the solid base of future teaching, leading to better prepared student capable of better performance in their activity field.

In medical education e-Learning has a large amount of benefits, first of all being the fact that by using the Internet tool this information can reach students all over the world. Also, medicine students often don't consider this type of learning as a replacement to the traditional style, but rather a complementary way in which they can improve their knowledge. Only that with this method they can set their own pace and time for the learning process, because information is there for them regardless the time and date.

In the corporate area managers all always searching to find newer and more cost reducing methods for training employees, especially if we are talking about wide spread enterprises. With the help of e-Learning cost for traveling and hosting of employees are cut down completely, as they can obtain all the needed information by electronic means. Decreases in cost are about learning materials too, as the electronic supports are much cheaper that the usual books. So in a large number of employees that need to be trained, all these financial aspects weights a lot in choosing the right method.

The best way to attracts kids in paying attention to classes and teaching is by offering visual animated examples of the subject that is being taught. Not only that they will immediately look at the colorful images, but it will also be a fun way to learn, having a better impact on their memory. Studying in a fun and interactive environment is known to have a better impact in the capacity of remembering and stocking new information by kids. This seems to be the reason why so many schools are slowly adopting the methods of e-Learning. Kids have a better performance shown by the growing grades, they learn with pleasure and love to communicate and interact within classes. With this new methods school won't be boring anymore, it will be something done with enjoyment and with deliverance of better performances. And the best part is that the learning process can continue with ease at home, with the help of the Internet and personal computers.

When taking languages teaching into consideration, e-Learning has the best results due to the possibility of supporting audio format accessible for all the students. The best way to learn a language is by hearing it, by getting familiar to the words and the way to speak it, rather than by just trying to read it. Time is used more efficient and in a very practical way, and the level of comprehension is considerably higher.

Adult learning is more challenging than children's, due to the fact that adults need increased motivation and other methods. They can't learn in the same way that kids do. An interactive environment, created with the help of e-Learning, where they can discuss and ask question on the subject of matter can do wonders on adult learning. And of course it should target the lifestyle and working environment, thus having an impact on improving job performance and social status.