These are good days for people with enterprise. Entrepreneurs around the world are working on unique ideas to solve problems we face as a society and as individuals. In this post we will focus on businesses that are web based since that is a rapidly advancing sector.

Why are small eLearning startups failing?
But the rate at which these small businesses and start ups are coming up is almost the same at which they are running out of business. This is basically due to two factors:

  1. The Money Factor: As a rule of thumb, setting up an online school costs upward of $10,000. Now while that is not too huge a sum for business people, it is quite a lot for, let's say, John, who wishes to teach guitar to students online and face to face.
  2. Finite Availability of Time and Enthusiasm: It is also important to keep in mind that setting up a robust eLearning system will take more than 12 months in the making – enough to dry up your bank account as well as kill your enthusiasm. That sounds bad now doesn't it?

So how can ScholarLMS help?
ScholarLMS solves both these problems without missing a beat! It is completely free for our friend John, the guitar teacher to start with ScholarLMS. Any startup can get going with their eLearning business for free – not even a credit card is reuired! And you get an extensive system that been evolving for over 8 years and has inputs from the best of the best developers across the globe.of developmental time. And constantly growing.
And that's not all. Starting with ScholarLMS takes just couple of minutes. Upload your courses, upload student accounts or invite them and you are good to go!

What is the cost of building a trained trust worthy team?
The other major challenge small businesses face is having a reliable team. How would a person – who is already busy with running his business – manage the all important task of putting together and managing a team to run the platform and perform hundreds of admin and maintenance related tasks to keep the system up and running?

And what happens when you invest a good amount of time training them on your system and then they walk out on you and join the guy across the street? The time, the money and the risk is too high for a startup on a shoestring budget.

Automation is the name of the game!

That is right. Imagine you could automate all your systems into a well oiled machinery which runs smoothly and takes care of its own self – allowing you to fully focus on your passion, your business and your highest value activities. That is what a 'system' does for you. ScholarLMS let's you leverage the power of automation by automating your business processes and systems. Routine, yet important tasks such as generating reports, updating and backing up the system, removing bugs etc are taken care of by ScholarLMS so that you save 70% of your time as compared to a conventional learning management system.

But that cant be all now can it?
No, that is not all. There are many other threats to a small business such as cyberscam risks, system reliability risks, risks of getting outdated and constant need to maintain and upgrade systems including custom modifications etc which can be expensive. And with ScholarLMS you are covered on all of these and a whole lot more issues that you do not even know exist!
Now while we understand ScholarLMS cannot guarantee the success of an online eLearning business, we can guarantee that we make failing very, very hard. Our eLearning experts take the guess work out of your business so that you can rest easy knowing that we have got your back. For real.

In conclusion
Our time on this planet is finite. And the time left for all of us to go after our dreams, our passions and ambitions is very, very limited. It is time that you started out on the journeys that you always wanted to go on. And this journey will not be easy, but, to quote a cliche, it will be worth it.
And on this journey – ScholarLMS will be right by your side, as reliable friend, every step of the way...