As companies and organizations continue to grow across geographic borders, the need for easy training and communication tools is more and more important. Whether staffing a satellite office, opening a new campus, or founding a start-up or non-for-profit, a learning management system may prove to be be the most economical and effective tool in your business plan.

Boundary-less Learning
The best learning management systems take your content and distribute it without geographic boundaries. On-demand training and education materials can be made available to users across countries and continents, and by taking into consideration technological requirements of varying audiences. Today, over 40% of the world’s population has an internet connection (just over three and a half billion people). As this access to technology continues to multiply, it makes an e-learning tool the most wide-reaching way to communicate and teach a truly global audience in different languages.

Organizations of all sizes and stages need to consider the scalability of their learning management system, not just for what it offers today but where it can help you grow to in the future. While it may seem distant that you may need significantly more users, more advanced features, or more content, this reality can change in an instant. An LMS that can scale and evolve with your needs from day one will offer you the most bang for your buck, helping you to protect against the costs of platform changes or custom-programming down the line.

Feature Rich
In line with a scalable solution is the need to find one that is rich with features to help continue building your offering. Whether you’re a life and business coaching looking to distribute content, a Fortune 500 needing to train international offices, or an educational institution leveraging a digital classroom, there are literally hundreds of customizable features that can be cherry picked for your needs.

ScholarLMS is a best-in-class learning management system that offers ecommerce and online classroom features to help you stay competitive in the market place. ScholarLMS has built a truly scalable and customizable platform to not only meet your needs, but anticipate them – in an affordable way that doesn’t penalize you for growing. Talk to our Learning Concierge to find out more, or get started for free right now.