As companies grow and scale, online learning tools become a critical factor in successfully and efficiently providing employee onboarding and training. Whether it is disseminating company values, culture, or procedures to new hires, or finding a way to unite regional offices scattered around the world, a learning management system offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability to employee training and education.

Starting Strong
New hires start their positions with excitement and energy, and providing a positive onboarding experience is critical to shaping the attitude they’ll have. While it can be a major drain to human resources to use a 24/7 buddy system, an online learning management system can help to offload some of the training responsibilities from an overworked employee to a digital tool. By providing pre-approved videos and materials (such as quizzes, worksheets, and handouts), a new hire can work through the gamut of your company history and value systems without needing significant supervision time. Better yet, this is not hampered by different start dates or manager schedules – your employee training system can run on-demand and independently complete with certifications for them (and usage reports for you).

Your Door Can’t Always Be Open
When a company works out of a small office, it’s much easier to have an open-door policy or convene meetings with 100% attendance. But as your organization grows, so, too, do the demands on managers and directors. Meeting employee training and development needs can be even more of a challenge if they’re spread out in different locations, with increasingly popular remote working or flex time (or in other time zones altogether). A learning management system can alleviate the scheduling and location headache by offering content whenever and wherever your employees need it, and without exorbitant costs.

Not Your Grandad’s Intranet
You should be aware of your company’s security and compliance requirements when looking for an LMS. A cloud-based system like ScholarLMS inherently protects you against any local issues such as fires, natural disasters, and accidents, meaning that you can still access your portal from any location without losing your materials.

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