Cloud Based Learning

ScholarLMS is a cloud based LMS. This means that the LMS, your courses and all the user data will be stored on the cloud and you will have access to it from anywhere in the world. This also means that you do not have to invest in maintaining servers locally at your office/institute. This automatically eliminates the many problems associated with local servers – the primary being, your learners having to come to the office/institute to learn.

But is my data safe? And why should I go for a cloud based LMS?

Well that is a two part question and let us answer them one by one. Your data is absolutely secured. Our cloud servers take daily backups of your LMS and should something go wrong at your end or our end, your LMS can be restored rapidly. All communication to and fro takes place via HTTPS and is secured. You can rest assured that ScholarLMS follows all industry data storage and transmission security best practices and your LMS is safe with us.

Now about why you should go for a cloud based learning management system is a relatively simpler question. If you are selling your courses, the first answer is the reach – with a global reach, you can now reach learners that you could never reach with a local LMS deployment. If you are an organization using ScholarLMS to train your employees, you empower your employees with freeing them from the office building and continuing their learning on the move on any sort of device that can connect to the internet. And finally, you get the benefit of having a managed LMS with our experienced eLearning engineers helping you deliver your training/courses and maintaining your LMS.

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