Responsive Design

A responsive design of a website, a web application or a web page allows it to adapt its size, layout and appearance based on the device that it is being accessed with. So when the website/webapp is being used on a 10 inch tablet, the flow and the alignment of various elements will be differently optimized as compared to, say, a 14 inch laptop or a 5 inch mobile device.

All devices offer a user different user experiences by means of providing different ways to navigate through websites and apps. With more and more devices of various shapes and sizes being introduced to our environment daily, it is imperative that the websites and web apps be able to adapt to these devices as well.

This is where ScholarLMS shines as the default theme that comes with your LMS is completely adaptable to the devices available today so that your users can access the LMS from anywhere using any device with no loss of user experience.

Nice. But my users only access the LMS from inside the institute sitting on computers. How is this feature useful to me?

Excellent question. While we appreciate the model that you are using right now – may we humbly suggest that this model might be stifling your learners? A cloud based LMS with a responsive design enables your students to access the LMS from around the world, 24 hours a day on any device of their choosing. That enables you to greatly expand your customer base and go much beyond geographical boundaries that confine a classroom. Could it be time that you opened, rather eliminated, the doors of your classroom and made the whole world your learning center with ScholarLMS?

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