Custom Grading Scales

Grading scales are the way to rate/evaluate the performance of a student or a learner within a given course or a set of courses. ScholarLMS offers you complete flexibility in creating your own customized grading scales for your courses. Using scales allows you to set the bar for what is an acceptable level of performance. This enables both students and facilitators can adjust their effort in the learning process to achieve the desired results.

The platform offers various types of scales such as grades, stars, percentile etc.

Great. How can I benefit from the customization options?

Many courses are very different from one another. A mathematics course can be graded strictly in terms of marks but a literature course probably needs to be graded in terms of GPA type grades. Each course has its own different requirements.

Hence, ScholarLMS provides you the option to customize the already available standard scales inside the system so that you can accurately gauge the performance of a learner based on the type of and content of the course.

ScholarLMS lets you define your own grading scales specific to a particular course/application. For example, you can actually use phrases such as ‘fantastic’ ‘excellent’ ‘Woohoo’ to grade a learner’s performance and provide them feedback on their performance. Scales may be used in Forums, Glossaries and Assignments for rating and/or grading a learner’s activity.

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