Notifications and Progress Tracking

ScholarLMS is designed as a well rounded online learning system that gives you complete control on all aspects of learning. And an important way of giving you this control is by means of notifications and progress tracking.

The cloud based lms allows you to send notifications to yourself (admins/teachers) as well as learners upon various events taking place inside the system so as to keep a track of these activities. The LMS can also track progress learners are making inside a course and within a particular course material – allowing you to modify your method of imparting training or conducting/delivering the classes/coursework.

What type of notifications can I set-up and how do I track progress?

There are many notifications that you can configure the system to send out. These include system updates, updates to courses and/or course material, login failures, password requests and many others.

As for tracking progress you can do so by setting up course specific reports that can track grades, activity completion, courses completion, badges achieved and so on – hence giving you a bird’s eye view of what your students are doing inside the LMS and how you can help them achieve even more.

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