If you have been in the internet powered modern marketplace, we are certain you are familiar with the term affiliates and affiliate marketing. It is a powerful way of selling your digital course/product by recruiting affiliates. Affiliates are your marketing partners so to speak. They market and sell your product at their own expense. In exchange, they charge a commission off of the product sales which come about as a result of their efforts.

While affiliate marketing can be a separate study in itself, we invite you to explore this area to see how this can help your eLearning business. Could you recruit independent teachers/facilitators to become your affiliates and not just employees? Could you expand your marketing efforts by recruiting affiliate marketers to market your course/class/program to their audience?

Whatever you choose, ScholarLMS, your cloud based learning management system supports affiliates and manages your affiliates for you. This is also a part of the eCommerce platform that comes integrated into the platform right out of the box. Our eLearning engineers are ready to help you set up your affiliate program and help you take your marketing efforts to a new high.

How do I go about finding and recruiting more affiliates?

There are a variety of ways of doing so. There are affiliate marketing forums and marketplaces on the internet. Additionally, there must be forums related to the subject matter that you are dealing with. We encourage you to perform a simple web search and get mingling on these forums. We are certain this effort will be worth your while if you use the right approach. Once you are ready with your army of affiliates, we will help you set them up on ScholarLMS so that you can share your knowledge, share your revenues and manage your business in an easy and effortless manner.

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