Roles and Capabilities

ScholarLMS gives you options to setup custom roles and responsibilities inside the LMS. This means that you can assign your staff, your faculty, your system admin and your support staff different privileges inside the LMS – that means they are allowed to perform some actions and are restricted from performing some other actions.

My staff members do not have standard roles. Can I modify?

Yes indeed! There are many standard roles that you can start with – a manager, an admin, a teacher, a non-editing teacher, a student a guest and so on. But you do not have to stop there. With this tool, you have nearly infinite possible configurations so you are sure to find the perfect set of restrictions and privilege you want for your team.

For instance a teacher can also be given some admin privileges. An admin can be restricted to not be able to edit courses. A guest has nearly zero privileges but in some cases they can be allowed to self-enroll. The possibilities are endless and so are the customization options.

For more information on custom roles and capabilities, head to: Managing user accounts

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