Sales Reports

Sales reports are different from the custom reports that the online learning system (LMS) generates. Sales reports are generated by the integrated eCommerce system that comes with ScholarLMS. These reports help you track all aspects of the financial side of your eLearning business.

Allow us to explain the five most important type of sales reports:

Orders report displays the orders or purchases that your LMS has processed within a given timeframe. The report can display records for a given day, week, month or year depending on what you choose. The report displays the number of orders that came in, the total number of products sold, the amount of taxes paid by the customers and the total revenue made by the system in the given time frame. Hence giving you a complete picture of your business in that time frame.
The tax report can also generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports and it gives you the consolidated information on what type of taxes most of your customers are paying. You can use this information to adjust your product types and pricing so as to suit your customers needs.
As a rule of thumb, not all of your learners/customers will be happy campers and some will have different expectations from a course than what you are offering. Hence, it is important to keep track of the returns/refunds that your LMS has to order/process. The Returns report allows you to monitor the number of returns your system has processed and which products were responsible for it. This information can help you identify a problematic product and tweak it to match the requirements of the learners. This report also helps you create a refund buffer so that your business operations are not impacted by return requests.
If you are using coupons for any promotions running within your LMS, this is the report that tells you the output of the promotion in a financial sense. The report gives you the total number of sales each coupon has generated so that you can plan your future promotions based on this information.
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