Custom Domain and SSL Security

‘Custom Domain’ is a feature inside ScholarLMS that allows your LMS to be accessible via a domain name that you own. This is especially important if you already have a website with your own branding and regular visitors. You do not want your visitors to feel as though they are navigating away from your website in order to access the online learning management system. Hence, we can setup a custom domain inside your own domain which will redirect to the actual LMS.

That is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. Explain what this is how this helps me

Very well. Let us assume your website is And you register with ScholarLMS with the username ‘superstar’. Automatically, the domain name of your lms will be But you would not want your users to have to navigate to this external domain name in order to access the LMS. So we setup your custom domain name inside ScholarLMS to:

This will be your custom domain (of your choosing) which will be mapped to the actual LMS domain. Couple this with the custom branding options and your learners will never even know they left your website! Cool, huh? 🙂

Do you also provide SSL security to the custom domain?

Yes, once the custom domain is setup our team will install the SSL security to make your LMS secured and compatible with all the modern web browsers.

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