Language Support

ScholarLMS supports almost every written language. Well, not every language but chances are, ScholarLMS speaks your language too. Over 90 language packs are available for an administrator to install.

ScholarLMS can also support more than one language at the same time. Studies have shown that having more that 20 language packs installed at the same time have no effect on the performance of the LMS!

But my language is a slightly different version of another language? Now?

No problem there as well. ScholarLMS supports what are known as Child Language Packs. So the LMS understands the difference between, say Kiwi English and US English and many such other variations of languages.

Fantastic! Can a Language Pack be customized as well?

Glad you asked. Yes indeed! The language customization tool can be used to replace strings with the translated string of your choosing. With the help of our engineers, you can even input your own translation and have strings of text changed everywhere in the LMS. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t (not after our engineers help you along the way). All you need to remember is that your LMS will speak your exact language if you work with the tools available and our engineers. Problem solved!

The language packs are constantly updated so as to include new words and phrases that are added into a language. Not the entire LMS is changed to a different language out of the box. But with a little custom-coding and collaboration from your team and our eLearning experts, your online learning management system will speak your language as fluently as you do!

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