Personalized Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as your as your browser’s homepage or your computer’s desktop. Or better yet, your cellphone’s homescreen! You want it to be just perfect. Some people like to have whether or their cellphone homescreen. Other like their appointments. While some like It squeaky clean!

Your cloud based learning management system should not be any different. And that is why ScholarLMS allows you to personalize your dashboard. The dashboard is the first thing that a learner sees once they log in. It can be customized to show the most important items to that user such as the courses they are enrolled to and assignment due dates etc.

I was trying to customize my dashboard but I messed it up. Now?

That’s quite alright. The dashboard can be set to default very easily so you have nothing to worry about. But be sure to play with all the options available to you. You can also have an ‘online users’ block to let you know which of your fellow learners are online right now. You can have the interactive calendar showing you the dates you need to remember and why. You can have the courses you are enrolled to, the individual subjects that are being taught right now and much more.

Go ahead – make your dash board truly your own by customizing it to your liking!

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