Online Classrooms – An Instructor-Led Training Tool

Our powerful learning management system features an in-built rich and full-featured online classroom environment, an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) tool suitable for class sizes of up to 40 students. Most of the academic community agrees that classrooms are one of the most effective places for students to learn. But isn’t it remarkable when you can have the same interactive, adaptable and engaging classroom experience over long distance? That is what ScholarLMS brings to you without any additional cost.

My students and my course are very demanding. What features does your online classrooms have?

We’re glad you asked. The ScholarLMS online classroom features two-way video interaction, two-way audio interaction, a shared whiteboard that you can draw or write on, ability to upload and switch between multiple presentations, a side-by-side chat section with the ability to chat with everyone or one-on-one and breakout rooms. Not just this, the presenter or the facilitator has the ability to control the students by muting them all at once, selectively un-muting them, responding to raised hands and even making a student leave the classroom!

Additionally, you can record these classroom sessions and use them as course material for that particular course or any other course! Isn’t that fantastic? So when you are in a classroom session, you are not just delivering the session, you are also creating coursework for future classes.

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