Once a user completes a course, a set of courses or fulfills certain requirements such as getting minimum grades in an assignment or a quiz or a set of assignments and/or quizzes, a modern learning management system can be configured to award the learner a certificate. This can be a certificate of completion, a certificate of merit, a certificate of participation or any other certificate that you require.

But I have a very unique course with very unique set of requirements

That is perfectly fine, no problem. The certificates module provides you various restrictions/conditions that you can combine to create the exact scenario you want in order for a certificate to be awarded. This means a combination of automatic grading, manual grading, hours worked on assignments, and a combination of many such conditions. And while the certificates can be automated, they do not have to – you can choose to manually generate and award certificates as well. In both scenarios, users will be able to download and print the certificates they are awarded.

I also want my certificate to look good and have my branding

Of course. While ScholarLMS has templates for you to look at, you can fully customize how you want your certificate to look like and what it should say. That way, your certificate will also be a reflection of your brand.

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