Once you decide to deploy an LMS for your users/learners, branding is one of the first few things to bear in mind.

Can my LMS look the same as my website?

Since an LMS is an external platform to your website, it is important that your users/learners do not feel alienated in a strange place on a strange platform with things that they do not understand (since they are familiar to your website and not the LMS platform). Hence, branding your online learning system gives you the option to customize the platform that matches your web identity, or if you are just starting out, create a fresh new web identity.

Now coming back to ScholarLMS, the platform gives you powerful tools to place your own logo, your branding colors, fonts, copyright information, support information, style of navigation, widgets you want to use and many other such customization options to truly make your could based lms your very own. You can also customize your eCommerce platform, already integrated within ScholarLMS. The powerful ‘Essential’ theme that comes as default with your LMS gives you enough and more options to customize the entire LMS.

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