Proactive Support

Lost? Unsure? Too many options? Not sure where to begin? Worried how will you manage the LMS management along with the actual teaching/facilitation? Worry not!

ScholarLMS’ proactive support team ensures that our eLearning engineers manage your LMS. The idea is to free you from the technical administration of the LMS so that you can focus on your learning and teaching activities. [slms_dashboard_change_plan] today!

What does the support cover?

  • Management of user accounts and course material
  • Setting up your courses using content you provide us
  • Two hours per month of complimentary consultation and training
  • Programming learning paths and progressions for your learners
  • Optimisation suggestions based on your current LMS health and your future objectives
  • Setting up custom roles and permissions
  • Optional advanced LMS settings as required
  • User-friendly customisation that can be accessed via your LMS admin panel
  • No-fuss migration of your courses and users from your old LMS

What is not covered?

  • Any additional custom feature or functionality not yet built-in to the system, but is possible and requires additional development time of our engineers. Contact your Account Manager to ask for any such features and an estimated number of hours such an implementation would require.
  • Creating course content for you using a content authoring tool.
  • Management and updating of existing course content. Again – this is something you need to discuss with your Account Manager.
  • Handling payment related inquiries from your learners – we can only handle questions about system features/usage.
  • Classroom moderation. While we can set up and manage classroom activity beforehand, we are unable to moderate/conduct your sessions.