A learning management system is usually only a part of your business model or your organization. There are other pieces of software/technology that the LMS will need to integrate with. Even inside the cloud based lms, it needs to integrate with content or course material that you may have hosted on other websites. Collectively, this entire process of making the ‘synapses’ meet is known as the integration process.

I have an external CRM software, a Biometric System and an HR Software. Will your LMS be able to integrate with these?

The broad answer is yes. In principle, ScholarLMS will integrate with an CRM, HR, Authentication or other piece of technology that follows industry standard protocols. Integrations are performed by our eLearning engineers on a case to case basis. The idea is to first understand your requirements, then your external system and then integrate the LMS with the external system in a manner that helps you get the job done.

To know more about how ScholarLMS can integrate with your CRM, HR or other software module in use at your business, please get in touch with us.

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