Tracking Progress

Tracking a learner’s progress is inside an online learning management system is almost as important as the subject matter itself. That is because if a system is not able to clearly track a learner’s progress, the teachers, facilitators and the course creators cannot adjust their direction in order to help the learner understand the subject matter in an effective manner.

Said another way, progress tracking allows the course creators and facilitators to understand how the learners are responding to the materials and the ways in which they could improve their learning even further.

ScholarLMS provides many tools to track progress which are listed as follows:

Grades are the most straight forward way of tracking progress. They are a combination of various assessment tools such as quizzes and assignments. If the grades of a student are progressively going down, it is a red flag for the facilitator to change the way the course is being taught to the learner(s).
Activity completion is a feature that, once enabled, allows the facilitator to know exactly how many activities inside a course has a learner completed. This gives the facilitator a clear idea of where the learners are getting stuck and if a certain part or module of a course needs to be tweaked or modified.
If a program has many courses in it, it is can be very useful for the admin or facilitator to see which learners have completed which courses and if there is a pattern within course completion. For example a course that most learners are getting stuck on can be further simplified or broken down. A facilitator can also make use of course reports to get a lot of useful information from a learner’s behavior inside a course that can be converted into decisions.
Badges are a great way to not just track progress but also motivate learners to achieve more. Badges can be awarded based on the progress a learner makes or certain defined levels they achieve inside a course/program.

Our engineers would be happy to assist you set-up various progress tracking features inside the learning management system. Know more about what tools are available to course creators within the LMS.

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