Advanced Text Editor

While you can always use external authoring tools and text manipulation software, there will be times when you would just want to open your course management system and type away a piece of text or create a document that you would want to use as course material.

That is where the in-built text editor TinyMCE really shines. The text editor features a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get or WYSWYG user interface and has a lot of nifty useful icons that can help you rapidly get your thoughts into a document with little to no time wastage.

I have some images, some HTML codes and other stuff I want to type into my document. Does TinyMCE support that?

Most certainly it does. Another name for the TinyMCE text editor is the HTML editor. You can use HTML, link webpages, create hyperlinks and a whole lot more. So don’t think twice. Just fire-up the text editor and write away.

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