Coupons are a part of the eCommerce section of your LMS. Every now and then you need to give your business a boost. Maybe it is the launch of a new course. Or the enrollment season for summer classes. You could be running an early bird promotion. Or maybe you just want to expand your learner base and move to the next level. Whatever be the reason, coupons will be of great help to you.

Coupons allow you to provide your learners/customers various benefits staring from reduced or different pricing to complete waivers to promotional gifts to free shipping to a 30-day trial period and what not. The promotions you want to run can only be limited by your imagination and for every promotion that you can imagine you can have a coupon code!

People who want to purchase your class/module will enter the coupon code at the time of checkout and BAM! The offer will be applied automatically. Our eLearning engineers will help you set up your coupon codes to use in your online learning management system.

Coupon features:

  • Coupon Name: A descriptive name for the coupon.
  • Code: A code that the customer needs to enter in the shopping cart to use the coupon in the store front.
  • Type: The discount can be a fixed amount off, or a percentage off from the total amount.
  • Discount: The number taken off from the purchase total.
  • Total Amount: The amount a customer must reach before using the coupon.
  • Customer Login: Selecting ‘yes’ requires the customer to be logged into their store account to use the coupon. Selecting ‘no’ will let a customer use the coupon as a guest.
  • Free Shipping: Selecting ‘yes’ gives the customer free shipping for using the discount code.
  • Category: Selecting a product category will apply the discount to all products within that category.
  • Products: Individual products can be selected by entering in the product name in the space provided. To remove a product from the discount, click the red minus button in the product list below it.
  • Date Start: The first day that the discount can be used.
  • Date End: The last day the discount can be used.
  • Uses per Coupon: Limits how many times the coupon can be used by customers.
  • Uses per Customer: Limits how many times a specific customer can use the coupon.
  • Status: Enables or disables the coupon for use in the store front.

But I have many courses and may want many offers to run simultaneously. Will all this be possible?

Glad you asked. Yes, you can have as many coupon codes as you like all at the same time. Plus the system is very simple and while we are here to help, you could just as easily figure this out yourself. Easy peasy!

Just a reminder that ScholarLMS comes with a full feature eCommerce system integrated into it right out of the box. So if you have your courses ready, you can be selling your courses within hours!

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