Using Content from External Sources

In addition to the content that you create yourself, you can take help of the enormous sea of content that is available on the Internet.

ScholarLMS allows you to link to and use content from external sources such as Wikipedia, Youtube, Vimeo, Sharepoint, Scribe, Slideshare and others. Adding external content is as easy as adding your own content to the LMS. Simply ‘add an activity’ and use the appropriate drop-down option, provide the link and description and you are done!

Can I use any content on the Internet?

Yes and No. You need to be familiar with something known as Creative Commons. This type of content usually allows you its use in your courses based on various type of conditions which you can read about here:

Use of copyrighted materials inside your courses may be prohibited by law in the territory that you operate in and ScholarLMS does not encourage such behavior. But the good news is, a lot, and we do mean a LOT of Creative Commons material is available on all major content platforms that you can use inside your courses to enhance the learning experience of your learners.

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