Security and Privacy

At ScholarLMS, we are very concerned about the privacy and security of your data. Which is why we employ all industry best practices while handling your data.

All our connections to the website use HTTPS instead of HTTP which offers enhanced data security while in transmission. Additionally, we use tools such as Wordfence to make sure the platform is safe from any external attackers and periodically review our data and system security status and make upgrades as required.

We are also very concerned about the privacy of your data. ScholarLMS will never share, sell or otherwise compromise your sensitive user data that you have entrusted us with. Should a government agency or competent authority demand that your data be shared with them, we will let you know before complying with such a request and will do everything in our power to resist such a request.

If you need any specific information about the security and privacy of your data, please get in touch with our system admin.

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