Collaborative/Social Learning (Forums, Chat Rooms and More)

We have all heard the phrase, “a family that eat together, stays together.” But did you also know that a class that learns together, learns better and retains more knowledge and is able to more effectively apply that knowledge? ScholarLMS allows users to collaborate with one another to enhance their learning experience and learn from each other.

What tools does your LMS offer to help learners collaborate?

ScholarLMS offers many powerful tools that allow users to collaborate. For instance, each and every course can have its own forum – that means all students can get on to the forum and have discussions about topics, sub-topics and even off-topic subjects.

Additionally, each course can also have a real time chat-room for students to collaborate. While the forum is a good way for asynchronous collaboration, chatting is way more fun and engaging for students to exchange ideas and bond with one another in real time.

The online classrooms, if enabled, also help students engage with each other via video/audio/chat and learn in a more interactive way. There are many other options such as collaborative assignments, group activities and much more that you can configure within your online training management system to promote interaction and thus collaboration between your students.

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