1 09, 2020

Designing eLearning Programs for Competency-Based Training

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Education and learning are truly successful only when the knowledge honed serves to tackle real-life challenges.  While this is no newfound wisdom, most of our academic programs offline and online are yet to fully recognize the importance of training learners for specific competencies. Students graduating from professional courses, though armed with theoretical subject expertise, are rarely industry-ready. Year after year, [...]

12 02, 2018

8 Things You Need To Know BEFORE Outsourcing Online Training

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Are you thinking of hiring a third-party online training provider to tackle your corporate eLearning tasks? In this article, I’ll share 8 things you need to know before outsourcing online training. There are numerous advantages associated with online training outsourcing. You get to tap into the expertise of the external team and speed up the eLearning development process. There’s also [...]

29 01, 2018

Non-Profit Training to Meet Any Mandate

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Non-profits and social enterprises face unique challenges that for-profit companies do not. But one thing they all have in common is the need to train and develop staff. ScholarLMS was founded with the passion to help others drive change - and in an affordable, effective way. We’re here to help you minimize the headache of eLearning so that you can [...]

12 08, 2014

July was a month of exciting updates at ScholarLMS

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We are here with exciting updates to share with you. While ScholarLMS continues to dazzle users across the globe, we have been working behind the scenes to bring you more features and updates so as to make your eLearning experience even more outstanding! This is what has been keeping us busy! Feature Requests: We now take feature requests. [...]