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29 04, 2020

Foraying Into The Expanding ELearning Market of South Africa

2020-05-07T10:27:25+07:00April 29th, 2020|General, South Africa|0 Comments

South Africa’s (SA) eLearning market is on a growth trajectory, as is the country’s economy. The traditional mining, agriculture, and manufacturing industries are valuable contributors to economic progress. Newer sectors such as retail, services, banking, information technology, telecommunications, and tourism are also gaining momentum. However, mired in socio-political instabilities and racial discrimination, the native population is still burdened by unemployment, [...]

26 06, 2017

Top 3 Ways e-Learning Adds Value to Educational Institutions

2017-07-14T09:51:30+07:00June 26th, 2017|Educational|0 Comments

While traditional learning in a brick and mortar educational institution is still the main way that students go to school, the popularity of a virtual classroom experience is steadily booming for both teaching and studying. Here are four key ways that an e-learning capability can augment the educational experience for students. Students Can Learn Anywhere Attending class in an actual [...]